Soul Archaeology

A (Totally Doable) Approach to Creating a Self-Loving and Liberated Life

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Aug 8, 2023

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Meet your ultimate You and cultivate real self-acceptance and true self-love in the present moment.

In this highly-anticipated debut, self-love advocate Sarah Sapora bursts onto the personal growth scene to bring a refreshing new perspective—one of deep emotional healing from a plus-size woman—with the soul-bearing honesty and irreverent humor. In Soul Archaeology, Sapora combines her trademark transformative guidance with her own personal narrative to unveil a step-by-step pathway through embracing your pain and honoring yourself as you learn her (totally do-able) strategy for creating a self-loving life.

Soul Archaeology begins with a question: "what's hurting me right now?" From this place of vulnerability, Sapora leads us on a journey through the messy-beautiful, the sticky process of undoing hurts, understanding how and why we self-abandon, identifying our stuck-points and getting un-stuck, and building our Self-Love To-Do List. We dig deep into our emotional wounds, which often result in a pain-driven relationship with work, social media, or even food; we break free of the "before and after" mentality of traditional diet and self-improvement advice and are instead empowered to create a greater, more meaningful life through self-loving action. Once we really understand what true self-love is (any thought or physical thing you do that helps to connect you to that greater version of you that you know exists), we can strip away our coping mechanisms and get comfortable with our pain. We can cultivate self-compassion, and find those tiny points of entry to  start creating authentically powerful, self-loving lives–as the flawed, chaotic, and beautiful beings we are. 

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“Sarah Sapora has written a must-read for women everywhere…do yourself a serious favor and read this book!”—Mel Robbins, author of the best-selling The 5 Second Rule and award-winning podcast host.
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